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  • March 1, 2013

    Terrance Rey To Open Second Travel Agency
    The owner of AirStMaarten, Terrance Rey, today signed the lease agreement for a 2-floor unit at S...More...
  • October 12, 2012

    AirStMaarten 2013 Summer Special
    AirStMaarten offering Amsterdam-St. Maarten for the summer of 2013 from July 12th to August 26th ...More...
What our customers say

Our flights to and from SBH were wonderful thanks to you and your staff.

Thank you for getting us the kids luggage the same day. I was worried but once I realized your staff had it under control all was well. You provide such a great service. My husband did not complain one time thanks to you.



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Premium VIP Services

With our Premium VIP Services, we will meet clients at the jetbridge when they arrive on the inbound leg with a name sign holding up. We will then escort them and put them up in the VIP Lounge while we clear them through Immigration and retrieve their luggage for them.


If you book the Premium VIP Package for the outbound leg, we will meet them when they arrive at the airport, check them in, escort them through security and put them up in the Soualiga Business Class Lounge until their flight is ready for boarding. At boarding time, they will be escorted to the boarding gate.


Regular VIP Services

With the regular VIP Services clients report to our Transit Information Desk themselves after deboarding and meet our VIP Services Agent there who will then assist them further. This regular VIP Service does not include the use of the VIP Lounge nor the Soualiga Business Class Lounge. If clients want to use the Soualiga Business Class Lounge, an entrance fee is per person charged.


To book any of our VIP Services, we require the following information:


  • Names of passengers
  • Dates of Birth
  • Passport numbers
  • Issue dates (of passports)
  • Expiration dates (of passports)

Click here to download our VIP Services brochure.