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  • March 1, 2013

    Terrance Rey To Open Second Travel Agency
    The owner of AirStMaarten, Terrance Rey, today signed the lease agreement for a 2-floor unit at S...More...
  • October 12, 2012

    AirStMaarten 2013 Summer Special
    AirStMaarten offering Amsterdam-St. Maarten for the summer of 2013 from July 12th to August 26th ...More...
What our customers say

Our flights to and from SBH were wonderful thanks to you and your staff.

Thank you for getting us the kids luggage the same day. I was worried but once I realized your staff had it under control all was well. You provide such a great service. My husband did not complain one time thanks to you.



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Welcome Agents.


If you are a travel agent, tour operator or travel services provider, you can request an Agent Login with AirStMaarten.


Our new Agent Login service is in line with our strategy to offer clients unprecedented flexibility and speed in booking flights and charters with AirStMaarten.


With an Agent Login the intention is to improve our service and increase our response time in processing your reservation requests.


One of the complaints of our clients is that they cannot get to see our prices immediately when submitting a reservation request. That will never change. What will change though is the access to privileged information. Our prices and rates are privileged information and only accessible to clients who have the serious intention to do business with us.


Therefore, the main feature of our new website will be a login area for clients and agents. As clients and agents of AirSXM, you will be able to login and manage your own reservation requests, offers and confirmations. With this feature you will have direct access to our prices and rates and the latest news, updates and alerts.


Besides allowing clients and agents access to the back-end of our new website so that they can view and manage reservations, we will also offer airlines, charter operators and other air travel providers access to a special login area where they can view and manage reservations that they will be responsible for executing on our behalf.


So when you submit a reservation request on our website, it will be sent directly to an operator for review and acceptance. The advantages for you the customer are obvious in terms of speed, efficiency and response time, but this feature will also allow operators to share capacities with other operators.


"Be our guest and put our service to the test."


All in all, the new website is completely in line with our strategy to offer you, the agent and your clients, unprecedented flexibility in service when booking with us here at AirStMaarten. So don't hesitate any longer and be our guest and put our service to the test.

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