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  • March 1, 2013

    Terrance Rey To Open Second Travel Agency
    The owner of AirStMaarten, Terrance Rey, today signed the lease agreement for a 2-floor unit at S...More...
  • October 12, 2012

    AirStMaarten 2013 Summer Special
    AirStMaarten offering Amsterdam-St. Maarten for the summer of 2013 from July 12th to August 26th ...More...
What our customers say

Terrance, I would be more than happy to recommend your efficient services.

I am back in Tulsa and I would be more than happy to provide testimony to the efficiency of your services. The flexibility on the way to St. Barths was matched by the timeliness of our return to San Juan. Your people were very accommodative and our pilot was very helpful all along the way.
Larry Houchin, Tulsa, OK



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Home / About is the reservation request site for AirStMaarten.


AirStMaarten is Caribbean's first and only virtual airline based in St. Maarten; organizing and coordinating commercial flights, shared charters and private charters to and from St. Maarten, St. Barths, Anguilla, Antigua, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and throughout the rest of the Caribbean.


AirStMaarten operates as a virtual airline.


What is a virtual airline?


A virtual airline means that AirStMaarten does not own its own aircrafts. All flights and charters are operated by third party operators, airlines and service providers.


AirStMaarten purchases available seats on flights to and from St. Maarten from renowned airline companies that fly to and from St. Maarten, directly or indirectly.


AirStMaarten makes it possible to fly to and from St. Maarten at very attractive rates. AirStMaarten focuses solely on St. Maarten and is therefore a very specialized niche market operator.


Internet plays a key role in keeping costs low. All savings earned through the virtual operations are passed on to the customers who book their passages with AirStMaarten.


AirStMaarten flights are operated by the following renowned airline companies:


Winair (WM)

St. Barth Commutter (PV)

TransAnguilla Airways (TAA)

Anguilla Air Services (AAS)

Caribe Air Charters (CAC)

Tradewind Aviation (TW)

Caribbean Airlines (BW)

Air France (AF)


DAE (9H)

Inselair (7I)

JetBlue (B6)


Customers who book with AirStMaarten are always offered the best rates these airlines have to offer. All classes can be booked via AirStMaarten at published rates, but with the service you are always accustomed to getting from these airlines.


Put in your request with AirStMaarten and we will offer you the best possible fares available from these airlines that operate services to and from St. Maarten. is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customer enquiries may also be sent to our Reservations Department.
P.O. Box 5245
St. Maarten
Tel. +1-721-581-9740
Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00

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